Michiru Kaiou - Part 2_5 Picture

Part 2 of 5
Character: Michiru Kaiou - Sailor Neptune
Anime/Manga: Sailormoon (c) Takeuchi Naoko

Media I used: Marker Paper, Copic Markers, Colour Pencils (Polychromos), Opaque White, White Screen Tone

Theme: History (Victorian)
I draw her in an historic dress (Victorian based and with a corset and high collar) with white lace and she is reading a book about 'mythology' (who was Neptune/Poseidon?)
I also gave the picture an old look by using 'old' looking colours (sepia-tone....)
I like the uppper part of her more ._. I fail with the bottom part, I think .___. sorry!

But I hope you'll like her a bit ^^
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