Deinos of Thrace Picture

This is the mount and companion of Alcaeus, the son of Hephaestus.

In greek mythology, there is a myth about the Mares of Thrace, or the Mares of Diomedes. They are described as being wild and magnificent horses that eat human flesh. Hercules, in one of his labors, is charged with stealing the mares. This is particularly difficult because the horses have been driven mad by a diet of flesh. Outside of madness, the horses could breath fire, and possessed vicious teeth and bestial features. The method varies in mythology, but in the end Hercules manages to calm the horses. They are then allowed to roam the earth, now being permanently calmed.

This is one of these legendary horses, namely Deinos "the terrible". Alcaeus has never explained how he met or found Deinos, but she is perhaps the one being in the world that Alcaeus cares about. Her fiery form seems to enable a connection to Alcaeus, who is able to communicate with her (Note that Alcaeus cannot speak with horses in general, that is a Poseidon ability. He can only speak with Deinos because of their firey connection). Alcaeus is the only person able to calm Deinos when she becomes scared or angry, which not even Percy Jackson can seem to do (The Battle of the Labyrinth shows that flesh-eating horses have no love for Poseidon nor his offspring, and would happily eat both if they could). Although Deinos is a calm horse who no longer craves human flesh, she is carnivorous, and eats just as a wolf or tiger would.

Alcaeus has equipped her with celestial bronze armor for greater protection, as well as adding spikes onto the chest-plate and leg armor to transform rushing charges into a deadly ripping attack. In battle she uses her hooves, teeth, tail, and horns to great effect, as well as a vicious fire breath alongside the flame and heat emitting from her body.

Her hide is very hot, so hot that Alcaeus has enchanted the saddle to be fireproof so that it does not become damaged. The saddle is also enchanted to allow Alcaeus to locate it no matter where it is, so that he can always find Deinos. He himself is immune to fire, and this makes them a perfect pair as horse and rider. If they are being followed or tracked, Deinos can cause the fire and heat from her body to subside somewhat, to keep her from burning the ground as she walks and to stop the fire's glow. Although not nearly as fast as Arion, Deinos is otherwise an unmatched mount when it comes to speed. Being naturally a very fast mare, Deinos also uses the flames on her feet to increase her speed, even to the point of flying, although this does tire her out quickly.
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