Sibling Rivalry Picture

You might need a little bit of history lesson to get this lame joke.
Zues, Poseidon and Hades are all brothers. When Zues rescued his siblings from the belly of his father they needed to decide who ruled what.

Heaven, the seas, and hell. Even though Hades was the rightful ruler of the heavens (since he's the oldest) they decided to draw straws for them anyway. And, well... Zues got the heavens, Poseidon the seas, and Hades got hell. He kind of holds a grudge.

This was funny to me at the time. When I thought of it, the characters from the Disney movie "Hercules" were in my head, so I used them.

And here is Poseidon giving Hades a hard time about losing the draw.

He knows hes going to win the cake :/

The top of my TV could use a Hades figure..

Good thing I got the movie on my hard drive or else finding good reference for Poseidon would have been a pain in the ass.
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