Frostmourne, the Frozen Blade Picture

The second Mythos Blade drawn.
Name and soul-stealing concept taken from WarCraft III...cuz the name is so frickin awesome and the idea of having your soul consumed fits very nicely with being consumed by desire for revenge.

Initially when I was drawing the swords, I was aiming for Zanmato to look mean and brutal (the template was called "brutalityblade.psd"), and Frostmourne to look elegant and civilized, more like a king's courtly sword ("eleganceblade.psd"). Then as time progressed and it became a blade of ice, rather than of cold fire; then a blade of revenge, I made it so it was another sword of hate.

The most obvious implication from the Zanmato and Frostmourne drawings is...what's the third Mythos Runeblade?
I do have an idea of what I want the third Mythos Runeblade to be, but I'm not gonna say anything... ;- ) But suffice it to say, it won't be a magnificently holy and good sword to turn back the evil.
The other implication, which I hinted at in the Zanmato description, is: when do all these strange rebellions happen in the mythology?
I don't think I'm gonna elaborate on this, but I'm gonna have a lot of fun later-on :- )
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