rhode. Picture

Like I said, no one from Greek Mythology is safe when I am a fan of it. But the point is, this is my take on Rhode, the consort of Helios, who lived on the island of Rhodes.

She was thought to be Poseidon's daughter, and was a sea nymph, I do believe, or some sort of variation of one. She was the consort of Helios (my favorite Titan) and bore him over five sons, I believe. He had other consorts, but that's not too serious, I prefer Rhode.

Being the daughter of Poseidon, I wanted to give her a sea looking sort of coloring job, and I don't know if I accomplished it very well. My first time coloring like this.

Second of all, this version of her was inspired by God of War (who would have thought), the sea nymphs that Kratos mouth fucks with his tongue. I wish I was a sea nymph.

Enjoy. Even if she is a Greek goddess, a myth, I consider her an OC, since I've played her in a few roleplays.

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