Comforting Flames Percico Picture

Percy’s eyes were exhausted from the limited light that was flickering softly from the touch within Nico’s hand. Percy shifted his eyes from the dancing flames toward the back of Nico’s head. His black hair was dusted with ash and tangled. Their clothing was covered with a light coating of ash and dust. It seemed like forever since they enter the cave- earlier Percy and Nico were fleeing for their lives against a pair of harpies that they had angered. They entered a damp cave to escape them but when they entered they had to make the cave collapse upon itself or have one on one combat with the winged she-devils. Nico had created a small earthquake to collapse the cave. Thus leaving the demigods stranded within the cave. 
Percy watch the black blob of messy hair bob up and down as they walked deeper into the cave. His eyes were memorizing every inch of the son of Hades. They traced down the younger demigod’s figure until they halted at his empty hand. Percy’s eyes widened slightly as his heart leaped within his chest. Percy leaned forward and reached for Nico’s hand. Upon contact their fingers laced together. Nico turned slightly at Percy and couldn’t help but smile lightly. Nico’s heart raced within his chest but his hand was steady. He tightened his grip on the son of Poseidon’s hand. They continued to walk silently down the cave’s throat. The light that flickering and dancing off the cave’s wall not leaving the side of the demigods. It was a comforting glow that kept their hands steady when they were entwined within one another’s hand.
(C) Rick Riordan
(C) FMA-Al-Lover

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