riiide ze hippocampus? Picture


Wow, I just love it when my scanner eats all the details. Maybe I should put on subtle details with a 5 INCH WIDE PERMANENT MARKER. WOULD YOU SCAN THOSE? HUH? HUUUHHH?????

HIIPPOCAMPUS. No, not that part of your brain. Yes, a sea horse. No, not the kind that look like seaweed. An actual horse with fishy portions! Yaaaay. THINK NEOPETS' PEOPHINS. Yeah that's right, I still know what a peophin is after not playing neopets for years. Is that sad?

Anyways. Not much about this guy either. He was just a steed for Poseidon. The ocean god. Yeeeah.
Sorry for lack of an interesting description. I know that's why you guys look at these anyway ;o

.05 mech pencil
Image and artwork © 2006 to *pandorabox
Whoever catches the reference in the title wins a cookie!

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