Auzikatae Poseidon - Dragon God form sketch Picture

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Again this is my newest OC Auzikatae, or just Auz for short. This is her true self in her dragon God form in the sea... Well, a sketch of it anyways lmao I'm still working on it but I wanted to post my progress while I think about the next steps ;D

No ref used for this one (yeay~!), the pose and everything was all me this time around ^^

And now some copy and pasted infos from her human form WHOO~!

Name: Auzikatae Poseidon (Greek mythology), Auzikatae Neptune (Roman mythology)

Alias: Auz, Auzika, Goddess of the Waters/Seas

Abode: Oceans, Seas (Greek mythology), any body of water no matter the size (Roman mythology)

Symbol: A sea dragon covered in kelp, a sea snails mossy shell, a sea horse covered in kelp, a hurricane, kelp covered ships in a raging sea.

Sex: Female

Race: God/Goddess of the Seas

Height: 5'5" in human form, 63'3" in true sea dragon form

Weight: 135lbs in human form, 456 tons in true sea dragon form

Father: Poseidon (Greek mythology), Neptune (Roman mythology)

Mother: An unknown siren in both Greek and Roman mythologies

Grandfather/Grandmother: Cronus and Rhea (Greek mythology), Saturn and Ops (Roman mythology)

Sibling(s): Theseus, Triton, Polyphemus, Belus, Agenor and Neleus (Greek mythology),

Offspring: None

Significant other: Unknown

Offerings: When giving offerings or sacrifices to Auzikatae, crustaceans, fish or kelp are preferred and bring the most response when calling upon this sea Goddess. There are records of her responding to shells, sea glass and other oceanic jewels. Offerings are to be made on a cliff by the sea where she can reach them without leaving the waters.

Brief history: Auzikatae Poseidon (Neptune in Roman mythology) is a daughter of Poseidon (Neptune in Roman mythology) and ruler of the seas. Her mother is an unknown siren with whom her father had brief relations with during a tropic hurricane. It is said that the hurricane itself subsided and was swallowed giving birth to the sea dragon Goddess Auzikatae's powers over the the waters.

In Roman mythology Auzikatae isn't restricted to the seas alone and is capable of moving through fresh water systems as well as the salty oceans and seas.

In both Greek and Roman mythology Auzikatae takes on human form once her scales touch the shore and she is free to roam about human society. As she is of the sea she can only remain on land for a short period of time before needing to return to the waters to keep herself alive. The longest stretch of time recorded that Auzikatae had been on land was two weeks although she did not surface again for several years after.

Her human form was recorded to have been used to lure unsuspecting young men into the waters with her where they disappeared, some never to be seen again. This was thought to be a trait passed down from her mother the siren. It is unknown whether Auzikatae kills these men or not as no trace of the ones that disappeared for good has ever been found. The men who returned remember nothing but schools of fish, a dragon and a woman.

When in her dragon god form Auzikatae can been seen swimming with large schools of fish of various sizes including whales and sharks. She feeds on crustaceans like crabs, lobsters and shrimps and occasionally sends the tides in to steal the oysters, muscles and clams fishers are gathering.

... o_O Yeah, I'm still writing her bio lmao Not like there isn't enough there for you to read now anyhow xD

(c) Auzikatae copyright to Amber Peckham
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