Hippocampus Picture

The hippocampi or hippocampus is a mythological creature shared by Phoenician and Greek mythology. It has typically been depicted as a horse in its forepart with a coiling, scaly, fishlike hindquarter. It is thought that the Greek god of the sea and horses, Poseidon, had his underwater chariot driven by these creatures.

My first underwater photomanip! Had a lot of fun with this one, mostly because I found some AMAZING stock that helped make it easier!


EDIT: I'm now at 6 favorites, and 50 views, but not a single comment? Come on guys! I'm looking for feedback!


Horse: [link] by *venomxbaby
Tail: [link] by ~Linzee777
Background: [link] by ~syccas-stock
Fin: [link] by ~Omphaloskepsis99
Water Texture: [link] by *Della-Stock
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