Logan Lerman - Percy Jackson Picture

I've always been a fan of Greek Mythology, so when I saw the first Percy Jackson book on the shelf in the bookstore I was like "cool", and I bought it. Then I realized that it would have one or more sequels so I stashed it on a random bookshelf somewhere and forgot about it. Then the second one came out and my mom read it and my sisters read it and my dad read it and they were telling me how awesome it was. I waited til the third book was out to read them because I didn't want another Harry Potter. Remember waiting for those?? Anyway, when I read them, I got to the description of Percy and it was him. In my head I saw this kid^ Logan Lerman, even though I'd only seen him in the Butterfly Effect and that shortlived show Jack and Bobby, he WAS Percy. So you can maybe imagine how awesome I thought it was when I found out who was playing Percy in the movie? A bit surreal really. That's NEVER happened to me before.
Anyway, done my story. Hope you like the picture. His eyes were so pretty so I decided to do a close-up.

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