Tyro and Poseidon- Work In Pro Picture

This is a composition I started about 6 years ago, but can never seem to finish! It shows the myth of Tyro, who fell in love with the river god Enipeus, but was seduced by Poseidon, who disguised himself as the object of her unrequited love. She bore him Peleus and Neleus. The moment I have chosen to depict is Poseidon coming out of the river and surprising her as she relaxes on the bank. She still has one hand on her water jar, but it is evident that she had been about to slip into the water- she retracts one leg in shock and tries to pull her garment to cover herself as he appears. Various parts I was unhappy with have been painted over in white, but eventually there will be a deep sunset behind the mountains (as evident from the colours reflected in the water)

I will probably post updates as this work progresses.
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