Selkie Picture

A commission for Rikimaru from the SaintSeiyaPedia forum
According to the author, her name is Narya, she's a marina wearing a scale and faithful to poseidon. She uses a medallion to communicate with him.
It was very fun to create this armor !

The fanfic (french) can be read here : [link]

The selkie is a creature found in the Irish, Icelandic and Scottish mythologies.
they're often depicted in romantic tragedies as beautiful women who need to wear the skin of an animal of the sea, to transform into this animal and so they can return to the sea, forever.
If a man find the skin of a selkie, she's bound to obey and serve him. Sometimes she can fall in love with the man, she can even give birth to a child, but if she succeed in finding the missing skin, she returns to the sea, leaving her family.
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