Poseidon's Reign Picture

well im sure you've all heard the legend of poseidon and his trident. poseidon used the trident to command the seas, using it mainly to create havok and generally have a bit of fun. what most people dont know is that the trident was a real object in ancient times, it was owned by a group of wandering nomads in greece much before the ancient greeks as we know them came to being. legend has it that the nomads set sail in search of new lands and fairer pastures but the tribe were never seen again. 8000 years past and civilisations came and went. the trident went down as myth and nothing more was thought about it, until one day a group of deep sea divers came across the legendary artifact. however, just as quickly as it was found, it was stolen by a group of fanatical scientists and crime lords. why? why not?


c4d and Photoshop CS as always

spent quite a while on this one, couldnt say how many hours but on and off for the past 2 weeks. this is my entry for the official tournament at [link] . the little story bit at the top is because we had to add a bit of background to our piece


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