Poseidon Picture

Finally here is Neptune my second surreal look on our galaxy, but first planet of this series that I’ve drawn on ms paint. The old guy is of course called Neptune who is the god of the sea in Roman mythology, so the shark, killer whale and dolphin I’ve obviously included to be part of the water theme. There’s also ten snowflakes, and all the moons and rings I’ve included are labeled. Unfortunately there aren’t any horoscope signs ruled by Neptune, I know a real shame right. My next planet will be Uranus, that should be a bit easier considering it’s practically featureless.

Anyway here is some information about Neptune if anyone’s interested-> Like a typical gas planet Neptune has rapid winds confined to bands of latitude and large storms or vortices. Neptune's winds are the fastest in the solar system, reaching 2000 km/hour.

Neptune's rings have been given names: the outermost is Adams (which contains three prominent arcs now named Liberty, Equality and Fraternity), next is an unnamed ring co-orbital with Galatea, then Leverrier (whose outer extensions are called Lassell and Arago), and finally the faint but broad Galle. And Neptune has 13 known moons, Triton it’s biggest is thought to be a dwarf planet that was captured by Neptune’s gravity, it’s volcanos fire off liquid nitrogen, dust, or methane compounds from beneath the surface.

And the temperature on Neptune is about -225 degrees Celsius or -373 degrees Fahrenheit. The mean atmospheric temperature on Neptune is as low as -218 degrees Celsius at the cloud tops and about 72 Kelvin or -200 degrees Celsius at the pressure level equal to 1 Earth atmosphere. The temperature of the dense atmosphere near its rocky core is thought to be about 7,000 Kelvin, which is comparable to Earth's core or the surface of the Sun.
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