Greek God: Poseidon -Chibi's ver.- Picture


This is acutally a midterm project for my World Civilization class.
We had to create a stamp (post) with a Greek God or Goddess...
I chose Poseidon... I don't know why, but he came into my mind first... maybe it's because I like to draw/color with blue colors...?

Anyways... my teacher said we should be creative and create something different than usual...? Or something like that lol.

Well... I decided to draw Poseidon like this since I thought it'd look pretty good with the scales and fins... and the blue-ish skin... I like how he turned out to be more like a water creature and not like the typical human...

I drew Poseidon and the background in Paint Tool Sai, while the border and the Greek alphabet were done in Photoshop.

I also included the name of my school in there, which can be seen in his sash.

Pretty much stood in the blue color scheme... monochromatic.... xDD or not o.o lol

Anyways... I hope you guys like it~

Poseidon (c) Greek Mythology
Drawing (c) ~Chibi-SalLina (Me)
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