Poseidon - GMO Card 33 Picture

Well, I've been finished for about half an hour. I didn't get it finished last night as weariness and sleep claimed me first. However, I have still managed to come in under the two day deadline I set for myself. I started the painting at 9pm on Thursday night. I finished at 1.10pm on Saturday, so I came in with just under 8 hours to spare. How cool is that?

As for how many hours the painting took, well, of that I am not too sure. I spent eleven hours working on it yesterday prior to posting, and then spent another six hours yesterday evening, followed by a further 4 hours this morning. *quickly does the math* So, that means I went over the twenty hours by one. *wry grin* I don't think I'll be too hard on myself for that.

Anyways, I will start on another tonight and aim to finish it by tomorrow evening.

Size: 11"x14"
Medium: Acrylics and coloured pencil
Represents: The Unknown
Reference: Loosely modelled on a stock created by Lindowyn-stock.
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