The Horse - Rhea Picture

Horses, not sure what to say about the horse. Though I can picture them thundering across a plain, their powerful hooves churning the earth into dust with their passage. There have also been some very memorable horses, not including the My Little Ponies. I've never shared the great love for horses that some seem to possess, but they are definitely very respectable animals and pretty fun to draw.

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Rhea actually volunteered for this. She wasn't exactly who I had in mind, but I have to admit that she fits fairly well. The name Rhea comes from the titaness of water in Greek mythology and also the mother of Zeus. I chose it for Rhea because it sounds nice and she's a water spirit. Horses believe it or not have a strong connection to the element of water for some reason. You'll see a lot of mythological references to water horses, not all of them nice. In Greek mythology, horses were supposedly created by Poseidon, God of the Oceans and were one of his sacred animals. There are other myths about how the first horses were taken from beneath the ocean where they ran in vast undersea herds. Rhea seems to fit in other ways too, she's always appeared in my stories as a faithful companion (to some extent) and that's another quality that I kind of see in horses. Where would a great majority of heroes be without faithful steeds? A lot more foot sore, that's what.
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