Grecia - Greece 12 Picture

:: Grécia. Que mulher é essa? :: PG 12 ::

Vexame é sempre vexame, né? Quem quer ter algum tipo de poder, precisa sempre estar preparado para as responsabilidades. Poseidon satiriza isso.

Roteiro: Marcos Brito.
Arte: Reginaldo Moreira.
Cores: Marcos Brito.

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:: Greece. Who is this woman? :: PG 12 ::

Shame is always shame, isn't?. Who desire some kind of power, need even be ready to the responsibilities. Poseidon satirizes it.

Writed by: Marcos Brito.
Art: Reginaldo Modeira.
Colors: Marcos Brito.

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Teller: Hours after…

Poseidon: It's cause it I asked my sandwich from Fast Food.

Tredes: I cannot believe!…

Tredes: A god of sea that have no authority above the fishes. And this buoy? Do you will tell me that you also don't know swim?

Poseidon: It's not my fault! After me and my brothers Zeus and Hades win together our father Kronos in a war for the power, we shared his
kingdom in three and we raffled to us.

Poseidon: So my brother Zeus won the Sky, Hades won the Underworld, and I won the Sea… even without know sim.

Poseidon: So since that day, he supervises me… if the water get down to under my waist… he will fry me with his lightnings.

Kladiu: Yeah… he is over there… always ready!


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