OC Entries - Rayne and Kalos Picture

Okays! I've finally finished my entry for the Spiron X OC Contest. I really hope that there's nothing wrong with it...
Zoom in if you want but it's REALLY big!

English Name: Rayne Ixora Amesutomu (pronounced: 'Ah-meh-sto-mu')

Japanese Name: Reyin Ikesora Amesutomu

Aura Colour: Aquamarine

Age: 15 yrs

Gender: Female

Nationality: Japanese

Spiron: Kalos

Alley: None

School: (For Lunar to decide)

Position: (For Lunar to decide)

Distinguishing Mark: Aquamarine streaks in her hair... And the glasses

Weapon: Rayne does archery as a sport but her combat weapon is a staff with a blade on one end.

Personality: Rayne is a very polite girl. She is quite intelligent and can solve problems quite quickly, but only if they are given to her. She is very ignorant of her surroundings so she doesn't know about any problems that aren't presented to her. Rayne doesn't have many friends but she is generally accepted around the school. Rayne's main interest is in mythology, and ever since she discovered that she had a spiron, she's been studying into Greek and Spiron mythology. She tries to hide the fact that she has a spiron within her, in fear that she may become an outcast and no longer accepted. Rayne adores Kalos though, because she was the first friend that Rayne felt she could fully trust in a long time.


English Name: Kalos

Japanese Name: Mizuma

Gender: Female

Spiron Master: Rayne Ixora Amesutomu

Creature Form: Hippocampus (Sea Horse)

Spiron Type: (For Lunar to decide)

Spiron Element: Water

Spiron Attacks:-
Poseidon's wrath - Kalos stamps her hooves on the ground once, causing it to shake. Waves then emerge from the ground to attack the enemy. This uses a moderate amount of energy.
Artemis' fury - Kalos calls upon arrows made of water that shoot at the enemy with deadly accuracy. This uses a moderate amount of energy.
Zenith of Zeus - Kalos neighs and a storm appears. Wind and rain both assault the enemy. The amount of energy Kalos has left and her emotions determine the ferocity and the size of the storm. This uses a large amount of energy.
Healing rains of Apollo - Kalos glows slightly and it rains gently, healing all beings in the area. This is only used as a last resort because it also heals the enemy too. This uses a small amount of energy.
At close range, Kalos can also bite and rear at the enemy. She has very limited movement on land though because of her tail.

Weapon: A trident in her human form

Personality: Kalos is a Greek spiron and respects her mistress' wishes for her to stay silent around public areas. This becomes quite difficult when Rayne is being picked on by bullies. Rayne can take care of herself, though, but Kalos can't help but be worried for her mistress. Kalos isn't as ignorant as her mistress and she knows where most of the other spirons are. She doesn't say a thing about that to Rayne, because that would cause her to shy away from those spiron masters. Kalos just wishes that she could meet other spirons too.


Well, there's the long profile... Hope you didn't fall asleep reading that
Spiron X (c) =Kurai-Oni
Rayne Amesutomu and Kalos (c) me!
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