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Extremely complicated v__v

You see, this is my character for my new project, endlessSHOW

In endlessSHOW, the world is ruled by gods from Greek mythology. Well, untill a group and VERY powerful demon decides that they've had enough of same old, boring and peaceful dimension and they decided to take over.

There are 3 brothers, but all of them have some fatal flaws. The one who took Zeus's place, Gabriel, is full of silly, childish fears. Such as being squished, dying in a car accident, rejection, cold places, large objects etc. And they are mostly hhis phobias.

Samael, who took over Hades' throne, can't got out in daylight and his freckless glow in the dark. They're yellow by the way.

They don't have age like original gods do. This is, in a way, Cenith. But I guess you could call IT Elsy too. Why?

Well, he is the youngest. After two sons, their parents wanted a girl, but they got son anyway. So, they decided to take a human girl and trap their son inside as part of experiment. And they did it.

Cenith himself is a merman. Elsy is mutated human. During the story, they manage to separate from each other. As he is the fake Poseion, she becomes his (fake) Amphirite.

So, there, it's complicated XD S/he is restrained cause everyone thought this girl was crazy. It was girl body, but Cenith is a guy inside of her and he acted like a guy his whole life, even claiming that he wasn't a girl, so s/he was locked away.

I named it 'endlessSHOW' because, before they becam fake gods, Cenith/Elsy, Samael and Gabriel owned a theatre.

Cenith/Elsy and endlessSHOW (c) me
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