"12 Golden Warriors"2round b Picture

Well, here are the latest sketches I've made, they just came out of the oven... Its my greek version of the golden knights from Saint Seiya, just that the concept and the story will be totally different... It'll be focused in ancient greek mythology and history, and as there are 12 knights (in my case warriors) there will be 1 knight for each high god in Olympus (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Ares, Artemisa, Apolo, Afrodita, Hermes, Hefesto, Dionisio, Athena, Demeter)

Here are the latest sketches I've made... Its Saggitarius and Capricorn!!!

His god in charge is Apolo, as so, the brightest of all Gods gave him the Bow of Light. The Golden Arrows of Saggitarius wield the power of fire and his shield was transformed into this "wing shoulder-armor" piece by his request to protect his golden arm (tragic accident) when shooting his mortal fiery arrows.

His godess in charge is Athena, as so, the wise and justice goddes gave him the all mighty sword Excalibur, made by Hepheastus, improoved by the Elder Cyclops. His armor is as strong as Athena's shield, and the Capricorn Leg Guards wield the power of earth.
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