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Hercules and Meg had one daughter after many miscarriages. They named her Alkmene. She is a normal girl with no godlike powers though she can thrown a mean punch. She is strong willed and very stubborn. She doesn't like to be with other girls as they are often single minded. Instead she likes to go to the pantheons to visit her relatives. She travels on Silver, Pegasus's daughter(Zeus was kind enough to make a female to keep him company). On her travels she met a handsome man who she found out to be the son of Hades. However he was the complete opposite of his father and in the end they married even though her father was against it.

Hercules (C) Disney
I don't like this movie simply because I have a thing for mythology but I gritted my teeth and carried on. I named her after who his mom is supposed to be. I'd also like to point out that horses came from Poseidon therefore so did pegasi but whatever.

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