The Three Queens Picture

Was just messing around a doll creation site and decided to recreate my three favorite queens, Hera, Amphitrite, and Persephone. In Greek mythology, they are the wives of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. I've always wanted to show how I pictured them. This seemed like the perfect way to do so, considering I can't draw to save my life. So this is how I imagine them within my stories. ^_^

Persephone-(left) I always pictured Persephone to be rather happy and content in the Underworld and loving her power as queen of the Underworld. While a little strange and preferring the company of her plants and her husband Hades to that of people and gods, she still gets along with them better than Hades. She also has a bit of a wicked sense of humor and has a tendency to make the odd dark joke or two, much to her mother's astonishment. And while she does love her mother, Demeter, the established agreement of her allotted time in the Underworld and with her mother, can be rather suffocating to her.

Hera-(center) With Hera, I always imagined her as looking very elegant and dignified. Always looking beautiful and confident, yet with an underlying hint of sadness and anger. She is constantly angry at herself for being foolish enough to fall for Zeus and still love him despite his betrayals, yet is also unable to overcome her anger towards him for his philandering. The fact that Zeus has the strange philosophy of sex being entirely different from love does not help either. However, despite her rocky marriage, Hera shows a great deal of pride and affection for her children. She's not perfect, but she tries to be a decent mother and queen. And she isn't that bad of a leader either, provided she isn't letting her emotions get the best of her.

Amphitrite-(right) Ah, my wonderful calm, sensible, cool-headed Amphitrite. I truly do love this character, both within mythology and my stories. Amphitrite is probably the most patient and studious of the three divine queens. I've yet to finish my story with her, and as always I do apologize for not finishing, however, I will tell you that the ending might not come for awhile as I will probably rewrite it since I don't really feel like it I did the rest of the story justice with it. While Amphitrite may appear mousy and common at first glance, she actually is quite beautiful, just a different sort. She is also the one most likely to tell her husband Poseidon to get to work instead of to get away from it. Marriage to a procrastinator such as the god of the sea thankfully isn't too much of a problem for her.

Created through Azalea Dolls's Goddess Scene Maker-[link]
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