HSD, WTF? Picture

More Mythos Titanomachy!! A lineup of the four lead characters, I do have here!! From left to right..
*Umi Cronids- looks pretty much the same as my first picture of him up here from over a year and a half ago, but now his colors are greys and whites. Represents Poseidon. XD
*Aita Cronids- I have a lot of pictures of him with Rei, but here he has the Helmet of Darkness on. The eyes on it don’t normally look like that- that’s his “shocked” face. Represents Hades.
*Rei Cronids-lots of pictures of him on here. He’s hanging off of Aita in this picture, as he often does in the series. Cuz he’s short. Represents Zeus. You can see his updated-design weapon, Thunderbolts, behind him.
*Cyclops- She looks pretty much the same, but my style and “skills” have changed dramatically since the older art of her. Represents Cyclops blacksmiths, though she’s a one-woman operation. She and Umi, they’re an ITEM. Oooooh.
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