Lying in Death Picture

I'd write everything I want to say about this picture but I feel just so... Meh... ;-; Perhaps I'll write it all later... :<

Anywaaay, these are my favorite Gods from Greek and Norse Mithology: Hades, the God of the Dead, and Loki, the God of Fire and Lies. Hence the title: Lying (Lies = Loki) in Death (Guardian of the Dead = Hades). Hades was the first character I drew in a "Wolf Form" and when I drew Loki I knew I had to draw them together. I hope you enjoy and, please, comment!

Hades Wolf Form: [link]
Loki Wolf Form: [link]

Interesting... My favorite God from Egyptian Mythology is Anubis, lol. Gotta draw him later!
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