Ruler Kalchios Picture

Just about Kalchios, there is other many awesome characters in our book.

Kalchios is a character from a book I write with my friend.
It's about greek mythology and main characters are gods and titans.
Kalchios is a man that comes from the reign of Cronos and he is human. He is one of high society and owns many of estate land. And of course, lots of servants and slaves. One day five young siblings ask him for help and shelter. They are none other than the future Olympian gods. The oldest of them, Hades, starts work for Kalchios as his servant. Everything goes well for ome time until kalchios requests Hades for other ''services''. Hades truns from servant to slave. But Kalchios is still not satisfied he wants Hades affection. What would happen...?

This is just start of History of gods.... one of the plots and something little about Kalchios, you now he is not bad, he is just lonely man with hard childhood, who must work really hard to get what he has now. He is ambitious and always knows what he wants. He is very strong and does not like to surrender. He is also very clever and cunning. He can trick everyone, even God. Hades should be very carefull around him when he take as his slave when he is ruler of Underworld.
I can't tell no more, my friend will kill me XD you have to wait for the book
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