Cray Hellfang Picture

Cray Hellfang, my original character in my story, Tale of Forbidden Children.
He isn't a bad guy, just.... little crazy Cray is rival of Jeft ( [link] )
He has important part in my story. His girlfriends has murdered by murder with red eyes,
after that Cray get the demon power of Hades. Cray become little mad. Now Cray try to kill all criminal for clean the world and find that murderer(just like the death huh? I try to make gothic nuance, I hope you like that!!!
about Hades:
Hades, in Greek mythology, god of the dead. He was the son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea and the brother of Zeus and Poseidon. When the three brothers divided up the universe after they had deposed their father, Cronus, Hades was awarded the underworld. There, with his queen, Persephone, whom he had abducted from the world above, he ruled the kingdom of the dead. Although he was a grim and pitiless god, unappeased by either prayer or sacrifice, he was not evil. In fact, he was known also as Pluto, lord of riches, because both crops and precious metals were believed to come from his kingdom below ground.
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