Divine Contempt Picture

Back inside Caesar's Palace for this brooding image of a classical-style sculpture. I didn't catch the exact name of it, but they look like gods with their beards and their imperial poses. The low light from the base of the sculpture makes them look as if they're displeased with their position- stuck in stone for the populous of Vegas natives and tourists to stare at as they go on to look at items on sale that they cannot or will not buy. Like once they could control the heavens and the earth, and now they can't do anything. They're reduced to being curio items of grandeur for the US's Neo-Roman Empire style.

Yet could they rise again? It's doubtful that you'll find any of the cults of Zeus/Jupiter, or people sacrificing bulls to Poseidon/Neptune down your street, but with the effect of this low light, it suggests they still have some power left in them, and that it boils along with their rage.

That said, there is an animatronic show up a path from this sculpture of the gods in action, and it's pretty fun
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