Lindsey and the Water Dragon Picture

Just working on some art, and I made my favorite sketch I have possibly ever done, and it was a mere 2x4 inches. I looked at the small drawing and opened a new page, copied it, but this time used the entire page.

This is of Lindsey as she first meets the water dragon, I have not named it or even give it a gender (thus the it).

I do not know if there are any water dragons or serpent-like water dwelling creatures in Greek mythology, I'll have to read my copy of Edith Hamilton's Mythology again.
If there's nothing I'll Google search, and if there's still nothing I'll just place Lindsey's time on the island into a seperate, short story.

Lindsey is a daughter of Zeus, not Poseidon so when she meets the dragon, she's frightened.

Lindsey/Dragon owned by ME and only me.

In a few days I might upload the dragon's full body...
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