PRC Civilian Forms Picture

EDIT: Changed Minnie's actress

Hokay, so, here's a long description of the little background info of the human form!

First up, Demi Terrai, Centurion Green. These are all their uniform looks. One thing they have in common are that around their sleves and pant legs are the symbols that were on their own respective God's robes. Then on them, somehow, is their symbol with cool line designs. Demi's look was modeled to look at least a bit like Bollywood, hence the sarong thingy she wears. I thought the corsett like thing looked cool on her. Also, each has finglerless gloves with their color and medal on them. Demi is played by Parminder Nagra n_n

Next, Pogue Equinas(eh-KEE-ness). IDK how he ended up so close to Zoe when I drew him, but I think I originally did it because I thought I wouldn't have enough room for everyone.Anywho, Pogue's I knew would be surfer-y, and so he wears shorts and that spandex swim stuff that they make wetsuits out of as a muscle shirt, with a sleeveless jacked over it. His symbol, the Trident, is on his muscle shirt, but the sides of it are on his vest, so it has this cool overlap thing going on...I can't describe it...Played by Steven Strait

Zoe Donder...Yeah, I tried to model her hair after the picture I have of her actress, but it just didn't work out XD She's wearing something much like Madison from Mystic Force, just with stomach showing. Played by Zooey Deschanel

Hayden Morton, my fav XD Wears a baggy hoodie with baggy jeans...punk-y. I forgot to draw his eyebrow piercing on his right eyebrow...but he has one. Played by David Henrie

Afton Phillipe. He's wearing a white dress shirt with sleeves rolled up and then a suit vest, which I thought fit his David Beckham-esque style and fashion. Played by Travis Van Winkle.

That thing beside him is the I-Phone, each rangers morpher! This is the I-Phone Yellow. I only drew one, but all of them are pretty much the same. Wherever there is a God symbol, replace it with another and change all the yellow to the color that goes with the God and voila, you have another Morpher.

Now, on the Bottom row: Aaron Guierra. Once again, he's the evil ranger turned good. He's wearing a sleeveless longcoat kinda thing and a t-shirt beneath it. Played by Nicholas D'Agosto. Oh, and also, I was originally going to make to more rangers, an Apollo and Artemis ranger, but I've decided against it. I was also going to have only 3 auxiliary zords, one for each of the three main ranger, but that changed with it. Instead, Aaron is the last ranger(Omega as symbol makes MORE sense now) and the Artemis and Apollo powers are going to Demi and Afton instead, so they all have a new zord and stuff XD And I've begun thinking of power-up forms, but I've only really got Hayden's fixed...need to figure out how the theme I have will work into the rest.

And here's a new one! She's not a ranger, but she would've been one, if not for an accident. Instead, she's the Ranger's Techie! The perpetual Alpha, if you will. And, as always, each new charrie has a profile!!!!

Full Name: Minerva "Minnie" Ergane Wiseman
Parents: Athena/ Oscar Wiseman, Famous Architect
Powers: Super-intellect, Enhanced Memory, Intuitive Aptitude
Favorite Songs: "I Turn To You" by Melanie C, "Speed Over Beethoven" by Rose
Personal Quote: "Not to toot my own horn, but the greatest minds in history couldn't build Ranger Tech like me."

Minerva Wiseman is the daughter of world renowned Architect Oscar Wiseman. She often loved coming with him to his building sites when she was a kid. She even grew intelligent enough that she would often help with his projects at the age of 7. She was able to graduate college at 18 because of her skills in learning and engineering. Once, though, when she was 12 and playing at her father's work site, she tripped and fell down an elevator shaft. Her spinal cord was damaged, and she was rendered unable to walk. She was the first to be found by Hera, who had escaped the battle of the Gods to find the Demigod Children. Seeing Minnie's enhanced intellect, Hera knew she was a daughter of Athena. After going with Hera to Lito Creek and the new Olympy, Hera gives her all the supplies Minnie would need to build an entire arsenal to defend against the Titans. Simultaneously, she also located the other Children for Hera to find.

Minnie is the techie of the group, having invented the I-Phones, powering them using Iris's Spirit, and the Ranger's weaponry. She monitors everything from Olympy and acts as the go to character, pretty much. Consider Cam during the first half of Ninja Storm, or Hailey from Dino Thunder. Her powers are Super Intellect(rivaling the likes of Socrates and Einstein), Enhanced Memory, and Intuitive Aptitude(Sylar's ability) She can take anything apart and understand how it works without prior training. Her middle name, Ergane, is an eptihet of Athena having to do with her patrongae of Arts and Crafts, of which Minnie is very skilled. Athen'a symbol is a helmet, the kind she often wears half-down on her head in statues and sculptures of her. Minnie's beanie is a reference to that, as it has the same pattern. Though Minnie's paralysis keeps her from entering the field as a Ranger, she has modified her Wheelchair to act as her weapon. It can be cloaked into looking like a normal wheelchair in the real world, and it has numerous gadgets hidden within it. She also actually has a zord that she pilots, but I'll leave that description for a later episode and drawing ^.^ Minnie also helps run the Collosseum Lounge and Arcade, the Ranger's hangout in Lito Creek. Played by Danielle Panabaker

Next up is Hera, Queen of Olympus. I picked a light blue for her color, almost periwinkle. Her symbol is the female symbol(being the Goddess of Women, Marriage, and Motherhood). I went for a Katara hairstyle. I originally wanted to do it for Demi, but I went with a more realistic one instead. I know Mythology paints her as vengeful and hating other Gods' children and stuff, but the War of the Gods changes her. In the last moments, Zeus grabs her and is basically like Look, I know I've meesed up in the past, but we're dieing here. Suck it up and find the other children. Of course, he uses better language that sways Hera and causes her to change XP Now, she fully embraces the "motherhood" aspect of her powers. She acts as a surrogate mother as well as Mentor to the Rangers. She often speaks like a mom without realizing it, using the phrases "dear" and "sweetheart" without even knowing. She disguises herself as a human and runs The Collosseum as its Manager.

Finally, We have the Blade of Olympus, the Ranger's combined weapon. Going up the blade, we have the Riptide trident holding all the weapon's together, the Shadow Helm as the grip(much like Cole's weapon from Wild Force, Zoe's sticks her hand through the eyeholes), The Arbor Axe, Both Scallop Fans, the Thunderbolt Saber as the tip, and the two heads of the Bellum Spear on the side. At first, since Red's a bad guy, it doesn't have the Bellum Spear on first...imagine it without them XD Zoe holds it, with Pogue's and Hayden's hands on her shoulders, and Demi's and Afton's on their, much like Wild Force. It's finisher is Olympus Judgement, where all the Rangers summon their elements which start swirling around the blade, and in one swipe they send the whole blast at the enemy and it kills them in some awesome amazingly epic way expositionary expostion in expositionville USA eh listen to my pointless jabber!

Hope ya like! Next Up, the Villians!
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