Stories of the Past 2 Picture

The second page. A lot of talking and very few backgrounds. Easy to draw, but maybe not so fun to look at.

Hestia was the goddess of the family hearth (and thus also of cooking) and the sacrificial flame. The myths hardly say anything about her, except that both Apollon and Poseidon wanted to marry her, but she refused and swore to remain a virgin forever. Zeus honoured her decision and gave her a "place in the midst of the house". Thus she was honoured in every Greek home and in all the temples of the gods.

The Titanomachia was a war that Zeus and his siblings fought against their father and the titans. According to Hesiod, it lasted for ten years and no victory was in sight for either side, until Zeus had freed the Hekatonkheires (three hundred-armed giants) from Tartaros and won them as his allies. There was an epic poem about the Titanomachia, but it has been lost, and only fragments of the story remain. I can not tell you how frustrating this is. When exactly did the war take place? How many of Zeus' children (if any) were born then?

I've taken the liberty to include Athena among the gods who fought in the Titanomachia. Her mother, Metis, is said to have been Zeus' first lover, so logically she would be Zeus' oldest child (Greek mythology is not known to be logical, though. And since Athena wasn't exactly born the usual way, it's difficult to say exactly when it happened. Hephaistos is often said to have been the one who made her birth possible and he was the last of the twelve great gods to arrive at Olympus. I'm gonna stop now before I go crazy).
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