the winged horse Pegasus Picture

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Pegasus.. was not lifelong friends with Heracles. Nor was he created from a cloud o_o He was, actually, the offspring of Poseidon and Medusa and was caught and tamed by the goddess Athene. He was, however, very obedient and loyal (Disney as least got that part right..) and brought thunderbolts to Zeus when needed.

Bellerophon borrowed Pegasus from Athene and used him to kill the Chimaera. BITCH. Later, Bellerophon thought he could use Pegasus to fly to Olympus, but Zeus was like YOU LOSE and sent a fly to drive Pegasus crazy. So Pegasus goes crazy, and bucks Bellerophon off.. and he falls.. and falls.. and breaks his neck or something and dies a lonely, gimped death.
for killing the Chimaera.

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