Sky, Sea, Underworld Picture

I just started reading Rick Riordan books a month ago. Now, I'm halfway through Battle of the Labyrinth, and I'm enjoying it! So I thought I would make some Percy Jackson fan art.

I really enjoyed making this, especially drawing Thalia, punk girls are hot.

I hope you like it! And I think I'll make some more, I'm thinking of drawing Percy and Annabeth. By the way, have you seen some production shots of Sea of Monsters? Man, Alexandra Daddario is finally blonde!

Click "Download" for full view so you can clearly see Thalia's freckles. HAHA

"Demigod of Wisdom" [Annabeth] [link]
"King of Ghosts" [Nico] [link]

No copyright infringement intended. Percy Jackson and the Olympians belongs to Rick Riordan.

EDIT: Yeah, I changed the title. "Children of the Big Three" does not sound as clever as "Sky, Sea, Underworld"
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