Added Scene 2 Picture

Poseidon is a character that always has been pretty hard for me to design, mostly because I've never thought that he is that interesting. But already in my earliest Greek mythology comics that I made as a teenager, he's depicted as the more easy-going and joking of the three brothers (sometimes at least. I also depicted him as more temperamental and not quite as bright as his brothers). And I guess that I have partly stuck to that in this comic. I have wondered why I made him like that in the first place, because the myths don't exactly support it (if you don't count the practical joke he sometimes was said to have played on Athena and Hephaistos, by making Hephaistos believe that Athena wanted him which resulted in his attempted rape of her. Yeah, some joke that was). Maybe when you have three brothers and try to figure out their personalities, you think that one of them has to be more easy-going (and it's certainly not going to be Hades and it's not quite fitting for Zeus either).
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