Greek Girls Picture

This file is SO BIG so full view if you can!

I had a lot of fun making all the major Gods and Goddesses from Greek mythology into fashion models. I used Polyvore to create the outfits (here's my page), then drew them (some referenced from SenshiStock). Each of them is overlayed with a texture from lostandtaken!

These are all how I imagined them, but I want to add a couple explanations for why I did things:

Hades: He's not just the God of the underworld, but also gems (because they come from the earth), so what I was going for with the dress was something that looks like it could be made from gemstones.

Athena: Idk it's kind of hard to portray "wisdom, war and strategy" into fashion so most of this is done from my own personal vision. Very structured and professional.

Dionysus: I wanted to put her in an outfit that was sort of over-the-top, like she dresses up all the time. I was going for something really gaudy but I'm not sure that worked completely.

Hera: How do I portray motherhood? One of Hera's symbols is the peacock, so I went with that. I also always imagined her as very put-together and sort of regal, so there you go.

Apollo: For some reason I decided Apollo would be really out-there in fashion and attitude, so I went for a pretty bright and big dress.

Demeter: In the story of Persephone and Hades, Hades kidnaps Persephone and Demeter goes crazy to get her daughter back. In my mind, I like to think that Persephone went willingly and Demeter doesn't want to accept that. I went for an old-fashioned style with floral patterns because she's the Goddess of the seasons, but I would also put her in winter-themed clothing (which would be more depressing and baggy because that's the time of year Persephone is in the underworld, so Demeter would get depressed etc)

Persephone: Like I said above, I think Persephone joined Hades willingly. This is her reflecting the underworld in fashion but also keeping some flowery touches lol
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