Greek Mythology Picture

Did this for English. It's the God(dess)'s animals. I dun like it very much. :/ Plus it has too much brown XD and I rushed it kind of. Anyway, since you probably cannot read the handwriting. . .

Eagle- Zeus/Jupiter (or Jove)
Rabbit- Aphrodite/Venus
Swine- Hestia/Vesta
Deer- Artemis/Diana
Peacock- Hera/Juno
Cattle- Hermes/Mercury (and the winged staff with the snakes is his wand, the Caduceus)
Mule (or Donkey)- Hephaestus/Vulcan (or Mulciber)
Ram- Hades/Pluto
Owl- Athena/Minerva
Vulture- Ares/Mars
Raven- Apollo (with his lyre)
Bull- Poseidon/Neptune

The gods and goddesses belong to the Greeks and Romans, and whoever.

I forgot I took it with a camera. XD Sorry that its blurry, so its best in small view D:

A portion of it
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