Earth-Shaker Picture

Alternative Title: Maybe He's Born with it, Maybe it's Maybelline!
Alternative Title 2: The Guy Who Puts a Cap in Your Ass Every Time You Piss in the Sea
(both were too long to use, unfortunately)

The title, of course, refers to his epithets Enosichthon, Seischthon and Ennosigaios, who all mean Earth-Shaker. Yessir, you learn something every day.

This took HOURS. HOURS I TELL YOU. And with hours I mean more than your average drawing would take for me. Both the hair and skin layers had SEVEN layers clipped to it! SEVEN. INSANITY!

In any case I worked on this for four days, and I love what it became so much. This is one of those pictures that you make because you want to experiment with a new program (this time being SAI, which I've had for a while but not used but thas is insignificant) with the vague idea for a picture and then BAM a masterpiece rolls out.
Well a masterpiece for ME at least.

Another example of such a picture is that Eris picture I drew that ended up not wanting to save OTL Thank the Gods (including this one (; ) that that didn't happen here.

So finally I've got a Poseidon that I like! I've drawn one previously but that was a rushed design because I needed one, now I've got one I like. And just as I got a good solid image of him I've also got a personality for him now, something I haven't had before.

Ahum, anyway. Poseidon is the lazy joker, he's barely ever serious and barely ever put effort into something. EXCEPT if you make him mad, he puts plenty of effort into being a jerk and getting revenge. He also sometimes acts a little bit like a younger brother (This may be because Zeus acts like a manipulative little bitch most of the time instead of like the usual younger brother.) And so Poseidon acts like the careless one who doesn't have to do jack, EVER. Also he has moodswings like a WOMAN and he can't take no for an answer.

Serioulsy ask Amphitrite xD (Whose also gonna get a makeover sometime soon)

Thinking of making matching Zeus and Hades pictures :free:

Poseidon (c) *TheDutchesse

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