Family Portrait Picture

hey ! whats up guys, guess what!
I love greek mythology!

Disney destroy it, how ever I liked the characters that "hercules" (the movie) created, I mean, to represent each greek god.

The only god that I have to recreat was Hestia, I heard that Hestia participate in one chapter of "hercules" tv show, but I dont like the way she looks. it is

FAMILY PORTRAIT.- Poseidon, Hades, Hera ,Hestia Demeter n Zeus. (c) DISNEY

the six olympic goddess.


In the real mythology, they are good friends, I mean Hera, likes to punished the others ones, and Demeter have a great obsession about her daugther, but the truth , they are beloved brothers and sisters, just enjoy it.

NOTE: Hades is my favorite god
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