Poseidon Picture

"Next to his brother, Zeus, Poseidon (Ποσειδώνας) is the god the Greeks most feared. As a sea-faring people, they knew the hazards of a stormy sea. The god was known for his mood swings, violent rage one minute, calm the next--just like the waters he controlled. In the Trojan War he favored the Greeks because of their love of ship-building, yet legend had it that generations before, he and Apollo had helped build the walls of Ilium (Troy). When an earthquake, the Greeks recognized it as the work of Poseidon Earth-shaker. Poseidon was married to the Daughter of Ocean and commanded the waves with his mighty trident."
– Paraphrased from MythologyTeacher, [www.mythologyteacher.com/Galle…

Credit where it's due, to AzaleasDolls, [azaleasdolls.com/warrior.html]

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