23. Poseidon Picture

Poseidon: Greek God of the Sea, Earthquakes, and Horses

100 Gods/Goddesses Challenge


Po is emo moody, as are most sea gods. When he's angry, he causes tsunamis and earthquakes and hurricanes; when calm, he lowers the tides and lets the ocean lap gently at the shore.
It's not his fault- he's constantly losing cities to other gods, his family is always making fun of him for being a bit fishy, and some people like to try and brand him with hot iron, whip him, or throw ox yokes at him.

Po is one of the Big Three (lol Percy Jackson wut) along with Zeus and Hades. In their depictions, they all tend to look the same except for their accessories- sometimes Po has a more scraggly beard as well.
I've said it before, but I am so tired of blue elf bishie Pos. ;w; Ughghghghh. HE IS ALL BEARDY WITH KELP GROWING IN IT AND STUFF.

I drew a seahorse because... he's the god of the sea... and horses... hahahahaha... ha...
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