Zeus vs Typhon Picture

Again an older drawing, did this some years ago.
The greek thundergod Zeus, also king of the gods, fighting the monster Typhon, who's sent by his mother Gaia to revenge her sons, the Gigants, who were slain by the Olympian gods. The Gigants were sent to revenge the Titans. Nevertheless, it was Gaia herself who tell her grandson Zeus that he had to defeat his father Kronos, king of the Titans, but she wasn't happy that, after the battle, the Titans were imprisoned in Tartaros (the "hell"-part in the Underworld), so she sent first the Gigants and then Typhon, who were all defeated by Zeus and the Olympians. Though, after he defeated Typhon, Zeus allowed the Titans to go to the Elysian fields, the "heaven" in the Underworld.
I gave Typhon some Persian looks, though the Persion were the mightiest and most feared enemies of the Greeks.
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