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Next up on the Castle Eterna staff listing, we have the three Gorgon (again, a name representing history's horrible bias towards the 'victors') sisters, the twins Euryale and Stheno, with their elder sister Medusa in the center.

Many of you should be familiar with their story. Medusa was once a beauty unparalleled in the land, to the extent that she even caught the powerful God of the Sea, Poseidon. However, Athena, who had long been jealous of the woman, caught her together with Poseidon inside one of her OWN temples.

And thus, in revenge, she cursed Medusa with a hideous countenance, enough to turn all who looked at her into stone, and banished the three sisters to the 'shapeless island' upon which grew the golden apples of the gods.

That's the 'official' story. And like with most such records of history, it is just another interpretation of what actually happened.

The truth is, from the beginning, Medusa and her sisters were never human in the first place. They were Ethereals, or more specifically, they were lamias: Women who possessed snake forms from the waist down.

However, they possessed a rare and unique ability, namely, the ability to change their forms until they had a completely human appearance. That is how they were able to pass as nothing more than exceptionally beautiful human women, and not just strange, half-snake 'monsters'.

And that was Athena's revenge. She stripped that ability from them, allowing the people to see what they truly looked like.

Trapped and alone, surrounded by a suddenly pitchfork wielding mob of their former admirers, Athena then added insult to injury with one final 'gift'.

She cursed Medusa's eyes, forcing her to turn anything she looked at into stone within moments.

In a matter of minutes, she had accidentally petrified most of the mob's front ranks, and that was the final straw.

The three of them were forced to flee for their lives. However, Poseidon took pity on them, and transported them to the 'Shapeless Island', where they were forced to remain out of fear for their own lives, safe from outside interference.

Medusa then reappears in the mythology records years later, in her encounter with the eponymous Perseus, who apparently decapitated her and used her head as a weapon.

Suffice it to say, he did no such thing. And in fact, the truth of this matter, despite being so long ago, may well spell a grim and dark message for the fate of Eternity's End itself.

Before Perseus arrived on that island, someone else did. Or rather, some THING.

And it was in pursuit of that THING that brought the exiled god, now known by the moniker of Alexander Darkbreaker to the island.

Even before his exile, the Darkbreaker had become aware of something stirring amidst the background of the universe. Something so impossibly vast and powerful, that he could only catch a glimpse of it. A blurred form that moved through the very planes of existence with such fluidity and stealth that not even the ultra-advanced technology of the Darkbreaker's race could detect it.

It was only a matter of time before the Darkbreaker came to the chilling realization that the thing he was chasing was something different from anything his race had ever encountered. An entity so different, so incomprehensible that it was just irrevocably...Other.

And that thing, whatever it was, was an existence that was even older than the gods themselves. The gods, whose race had come into existence from the moment the universe had been born.

This was an entity even more anncient than that, dating back to a time when the universe had been nothing more than a cold, dark void, an abyss of nothingness.

Even when he was exiled, the Darkbreaker never ceased in his chase. For he had made a terrible discovery. This...beast...entity...thing was far from unintelligent. Wherever he felt traces of it, the thing was moving with a purpose, part of some greater plan. It was an alien intelligence, cold, ruthless and powerful beyond all comprehension. And it was searching for something.

For in this entity's wake, throughout the multiverse, the Darkbreaker found nothing but death. This thing's path was littered with the bodies of slain Ethereals, all killed with an ease that only served to further illustrate the entity's frightening power.

But the truly ominous part was that each and every Ethereal killed, had possessed some special attribute, some special skill or ability, attested only to them and them alone. Beings who can be called by name in the legends of today.

And what was worse, not only had these unique beings been murdered in cold, planned slaughter, but when the entity disappeared once more, it did not come away empty handed.

Whatever it was on the Ethereal that had made them unique, the thing which made them 'legendary' or famous among their brethren, an item, a weapon, or even part of their body, it was harvested. Taken away from their still cooling corpse by whatever it was that had killed them. The Nemean Lion's fur, the Golden Fleece, the One Eye of the Fates, Aello's wings, the legs of Ocypete, the never-ceasing heart of the Erymanthian Boar...the list continues on, the entity harvesting not just from the lists of Greek Ethereals, but Romans, and any other unique and powerful Ethereals that appeared throughout the fledgling multiverse.

Too late, did the Darkbreaker spot that connection.

Too late, did he race towards the Shapeless Island.



Always too late, to save or to rescue.

The island was a scene of destruction. The tree which bore the Golden Apples of the Hesperides was gone, taken by the entity as a passing fancy. And the three Gorgon sisters...

Euryale and Stheno nearly killed the Darkbreaker on sight. Or would have, had they not been exhausted and grievously wounded, in addition to being half-mad with pain, fear and grief.

The wings and claws they had been given as part of their duties of fulfilling the role of Gorgons were gone, torn from them with ease, the thing apparently inspecting them idly before casting them aside as worthless. Stheno and Euryale had fought their hardest, driven by pain and desperation to protect their sister, but they failed, the enemy ripping through Ethereal flesh, armor and bone alike.

Why did they feel that they had to fight so hard, to protect their sister?

Within the first five minutes of the enemy's arrival, it had broken Medusa's lower spine, torn off her wings, destroyed her arms, and with a grim aura of satisfaction emanating from it, took the prize it had come to the island for.

With a delicacy unlike it's monstrous power would suggest, it simply reached out-

- and tore out her eyes.

The fight was over almost before it began, before the famous Gorgon even had a chance to scream, or to hear her sister's shrieks.

This was the scene of carnage the Darkbreaker arrived to find.

And yet, all was not lost.

Somehow, to this day no-one is quite certain HOW, Medusa survived. Perhaps it was some fluke of the curse which had been lain upon her so long that it had ingrained itself into her bones, reacting in a freak of nature with the remnants of her stolen transformation ability, but the fact remains, when the entity crushed her, part of it's power remained in her. The ragged remains of her transformation ability took that power, and made it part of herself, in a way that kept her alive long enough for the Darkbreaker to get her and her sister's into the still fledgling Castle Eterna's medical bay.

Not even the Darkbreaker knows how long the operation to get her out of danger took. One man, with limited surgical skills, and her two hastily patched up sisters drafted in as desperate assistants to provide what knowledge of their race's biology that they could muster, and all of the medical bots the Darkbreaker could muster from Castle Eterna's medical programs, all working in a mad panic to save Medusa.


Always too late.

"Not this bloody time." Were the only words spoken by the Darkbreaker during the entire ordeal.

But at the end of it all, those words came true.

Medusa would never regain her former glory, but she was alive, and she had regained the human body she had once thought she would never have again.

But it had come at a price.

The Darkbreaker had been forced to replace the lower half of her spine with a synthetic alternative, and to graft on a new pair of bionic legs, as he wasn't capable of saving her serpentine lower half. Her arms had suffered extensive damage from the attack, but some quick, panicked information from Euryale, allowed him to save them, instead augmenting the fractured bone with a special, cybernetic material.

None of them could do anything about the bloodied stumps of her wings, and in fact, all three of the sister's bore those injuries, and as such, again, the Darkbreaker had no choice but to have them removed.

But by far the worst damage, the wounds that not even the Darkbreaker's technology, or Stheno and Euryale's unique knowledge could find a cure for, was what the enemy had done to her eyes.

To this day, neither the Darkbreaker, Stheno, nor Euryale will speak of what they saw in that thing's mark, but the fact that remains that even now, Medusa keeps her eyes, and the skin around it, firmly bandaged, sealed away to be revealed to no-one.

Now blind, and with half of her body now synthetic, there is little hope for Medusa to ever take to the battlefield again.

But that has not stopped her from finding other ways to use her newfound life to prevent this tragedy from happening again.

The 'power' that she stole from the entity's essence, was that of the Void. The ability to gaze into the ultimate darkness, to see the lights of the infinite multiverse glimmering in it, and to see the patterns connecting those lights.

The ultimate seer, Medusa can now track their nameless enemy through the multiverse itself, feeling the traces of its power with a clarity that outstrips any of the Darkbreaker's previous attempts. Her ability to tell the future itself is limited, other than to get an occasional eerie feeling when a grave threat approaches.

She has sought out the trail of the vast and phantom-like thing that is their enemy, and the Darkbreaker has pursued it every step of the way, stopping when she loses track of it, and resuming once she finds it again.

That trail has led across thousands of centuries, with time having no effect on either pursuer or pursued.

Some were saved, and some were lost.

And finally, that trail has come to an end. The thing which the Darkbreaker has pursued all his life has finally gone to ground, whether due to his incessant pursuit, or as part of the strange, incomprehensible agenda it has been pursuing all these millenia, still remains to be seen.

The world it has disappeared onto?

A dead end universe at the very end of the multiverse.

Eternity's End.

A world upon which, strangely enough, a massive campaign of Ethereal genocide began shortly afterwards...

In terms of personality, the three sisters are very different.

Stheno is the quiet one, a tad bit more reserved, but still willing to indulge in the occasional smile or bout of laughter among friends. She is often the one who breaks up the fights her not-so-reserved sister is all too willing to start. She loves nothing better than a good book and can often be found reading aloud to her sightless elder sister.

Euryale is the polar opposite of her twin. Brash, hot-tempered and a right spitfire, Euryale is quite a handful. She's aggressive, FIERCELY competitive and an exceptionally sore loser. She's only really gentle natured towards her elder sister, and has an unfortunate habit of being immensely overprotective of both Medusa and Stheno. For those of you who get what I mean, let me put it this way: One of her favorite responses to the Darkbreaker any time he thanks her for something is "I-Idiot! I-it's not like I like you or anything...!" *hits a confused Darkbreaker*

Cue the shaking of many heads and groans of disbelief from the audience.

Finally, Medusa's kind of hard to get a good read on her. She seems like the kind of mature, motherly type of woman, but she has a sly sense of humor, and a penchant for mischief. And considering that one of the other abilities her newfound clairvoyance has given her is the ability to peer into others dreams, mess around with them from time to time, or sometimes just GIVE a dream of her choosing...add to that her shamelessly romantic fantasies, and you get several occasions of visiting Division members waking up the next morning red-faced and unable to look certain 'special' members of the opposite sex in the eye for a considerable length of time.

...the current record is held by Hestia, who spent a week diving into closets to hide any time she saw the Darkbreaker approaching.

But outside of her occasional mischief making, Medusa is generally the most mature of her sisters, still keeping watch over them from the darkness that has covered her eyes. The most common place to find her is in the gardens of the Castle, walking amongst the sunflower fields whose fragrance she adores. Her wide brimmed hat, white sundress and the cane she uses to feel her way forward are instantly recognizable at a distance, with the bangles on the head of her cane making a faint jingling sound at every step. The Darkbreaker has many a time found her sitting on one of the benches, lulled to sleep by the warmth of the artificial sun, and the scent of the sunflowers around her.

It is uncertain what these girls' feelings for the Darkbreaker are, aside from Hestia and Elisa having already marked Euryale down as a definite rival. Stheno seems...well, she seems a bit too flighty and/or cheerful to be worrying about things like romance, and utterly unpredictable, alternating between teasing and motherly quite often.

The Darkbreaker may be too wrapped up in his own internal struggles, and the darkness of his past and future to realize it fully, but he is at least bright enough to know that SOMETHING's going on with at least three of his staff members...we hope.

But for now, his eyes are still fixed firmly on the entity he has been chasing all these years, on all of the pain and misery it has caused...

And on the four sickly yellow glows that are it's eyes in the darkness.

Somewhere on Eternity's End, this monster is hiding.

But the thing about an enemy like could be hiding right in plain sight.
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