Vesper 001 Picture

Vesper's past self, Vesari.


“Ahhhh, stop it! No, no no,” the woman moaned in agony as the birthing pains grew more intense. “Make it stop. Stop it, Lucius!”
Her husband cursed under his breath as he tried to keep his violent wife under control. She was like an injured animal- wild and unreasonable. Though, he couldn't blame her, knowing and understanding her reasons for acting so.
“Don't move about so much, you'll kill the baby that way,” he said, his voice hurried and strained as he fought with himself to keep a grip on her and not let the wild woman destroy the monster they both knew she was birthing.
“Not today, no, not today. I-I can't,” the woman cried, tears mixing with the sweat that kept her dark brown curls stuck to her pale face. Her eyes, a beautiful, bark brown where wide and glazed as she searched the dimly lit room for something that could save her from the pain and the guilt. It was dark outside their walls, and so the only light came from the many small candles scattered about the room. She gasped again. “Not on this evil day, Lucius. It's a monster!”
An older woman with a great many wrinkles covering her sun worn face grabbed the complaining wife by the wrist and glared icily at her, almost as if she were a child complaining about having to do some menial task. “My lady, you must not move about so. Do not forget this child harbors a holy beast,” the wet nurse reprimanded the younger woman, efficiently reducing her thrashing. "You must do your duty and see that he or she is successfully brought into this world."
The older woman was right. Not matter how devilish the human being born was, he or she would host a heavenly god dragon.
Lenaia stilled, leaning back into the sweet dampened sheets, trying to relax as best she could. She knew what the wet nurse had told her was true and that meant she had to do her part as a lowly human to offer up a host for the mighty monster of white skin and holy blue eyes.
She closed her tired eyes, remembering it all very clearly.
Not many years ago, a reader of the stars, who was very much respected for his skill in telling the future, had come to her and her husband with news that would take them from peasant to monarch overnight. The stars had told him that four holy white dragons had chosen her as a human to produce them with hosts for their time here on earth. Each child she would give birth to would come into the world with one of the most powerful monsters in existence as their guardian spirit. Only the great god monsters of Egypt could rival the dragons and their power, and even then, it was likely the monsters of blue eyes would triumph over those of Egypt. It was too good to be true, the soon to be mother thought as she imagined the diamond like dragons of legend she remembered hearing about as a small girl soring through the skies in front of her. No one didn't know about these beasts and their overwhelming power. Everyone respected and feared them. They were legends that many spent their entire lives chasing. It all seemed too good to be true.
The reader of the stars confirmed her fears. While her four children would indeed be blessed with this power, there was a darker shadow to the joyous news. The stars also spoke of one child who would grow greedy with power and become infatuated with evil. His or her dragon would refuse to serve its host and in return, the host would grow mad with lust, turning on his or her siblings in hops of swallowing and obtaining their dragons. One of her children would become so evil that sanity would become a stranger to his or her mind, the star reader recited in an eerily, calm voice, watching with glossed over eyes of aged gray.
A year ago she had given birth to two beautiful twin girls with striking blue eyes and white hair. They were pale beauties that radiated like angels. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that these babes were hosts of the blue eyes dragons. They had been born in the early summer, during a bight, sunny day so unlike this dark moonless night. Their mother couldn't believe either one of them could ever harbor an evil though in all their lives. They were far too pure.
Lenaia cried out in pain as she felt the baby coming. She cried for her child. Surly, being born on this day of all days was a sign from the heavens that the child being born was one of evil. December 21, the longest night of the entire year. The shortest day and the most evil one by far. All over the land many hid behind locked doors, praying for their safety on this night. She would have been too if not for the child. Why did her baby have to be born on this evil day? Of all days why this one? Why during the day evil was at its strongest? The day malicious spirits ran free to torment humans.


Vesta was the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family in Roman mythology. Although she is often mistaken as analogous to Hestia in Greek mythology; she had a large, albeit mysterious role in Roman religion long before she appeared in Greece. Vesta was much more important to the Romans than Hestia was to the Greeks.
Very little is known about the goddess, as unlike other Roman deities, she had no distinct personality, was never depicted and went without mention in myths. Vesta's presence was symbolized by the sacred fire that burned at her hearth and temples.
Vesta was the goddess of the hearth at the centre of atrium and home. It was in the house and home that Vesta was most important as she was the goddess of the hearth and of fire. Vesta was particularly important to women of the household as the hearth was the place where food was prepared and next to it the meal was eaten with offerings being thrown into the fire to seek omens (the future) from the way it burned. Her weakness was that she couldn't fall in love and for that she was a much pitied woman.
Lenaia thought this was an ideal name for her demonic daughter who was foretold and condemned to a life much crueler than many would believe.


Vesta, (or Vesper as she was called by those few who actually cared about her), ran from her hiding place to a new one, taking care to keep her presence hidden and her form out of sight. If she was caught, she knew the beatings would be twice as painful as last time. But more than that, she didn't like seeing her mother sad or angry. If she was found out, mother would most certainly be angry with her.
Her older twin sisters were training today. Flora, the older of the two was pushing her body off the ground again and Eris was using her sword to fight back with her father. Selena, Vesta's younger sister, was sitting off to the side, being too young to do anything more than watch. Flor and Eris were only six years old, leaving Vesta at five years and Selena at four. There was about a year and five months between the three age groups.
Eris fell to the ground, underestimating the distance of her lunge. She cried out in pain, holding her leg. A servant and her personal medic were at her side in an instant with cloth and bandage to clean and bind the small wound. While they were holy hosts who were served like queens, they were also hosts of might beasts who possessed enough power to level a whole village in an instant. They were under obligation to train their bodies to the fullest and take care of them at the same time.
Vesta was the only one not allowed to do so. The tutors and star readers hoped this would anger the dragon inside her and result in the holy beast devouring her in his rage. She didn't really understand their reasoning or their hatred towards her, but took care to avoid them at all costs. They were always looking for ways to get her in trouble.
Aside from that, everyone who knew who she was, (that was everyone), avoided her like the plague. No one wanted to be near the mad child, in fear of her turning on them in that instant. Still, she ignored it and went on with life.
The young girl's eyes spun in excitement as she studied and memorized the footwork and movements of her sisters. It was a secret pastime of hers to train like that when no one was looking. Lately it had become more of an obsession than anything else. You see, Vesta had the unusual ability to memorize and mimic movements like no one else. At first it was only the street dancers, and then it was the acrobats, and then warriors who liked the brawl in the streets. But being there everyday she grew tired of them. She wanted to learn the teachings of her sisters.
“I'm tired. I think it best we rest for the day,” Flora announced, giving up her sword to a servant who was waiting at her side just for that. “Eris, come with me and little Selena. It's time we ate.”
The younger of the twins let her javelin fall into the hands of a servant with disappointment. Out of the two, Flora was the more mature, motherly sister, while Eris was wild and athletic. They got along fairly well, but as all sisters do, they had their disagreements. One thing that kept them in discord was Eris' frustration at loss. During their spars Eris was the stronger of the two, but Flora was smart with her footwork and was able to outwit and overpower Eris every time. The younger twin was too rash and wild with her attacks, relying on her power to bring her victory without thinking about anything else. Because of this Eris was bitter towards Flora most of the time.
“I still want to train my body. I do not need food right now,” Eris said with a dull tone, flipping a strand of her bluish white hair over her shoulder.
Flora stilled, fisting her hands and narrowing her eyes. An unsaid message was passed between the two twins, though no verbal words were spoken. Flora didn't like being talked back to, especially by Eris. After twenty seconds or so the older closed her eyes and turned away, picking up her tiny sister and carrying her away. “Very well, go hungry and starve if you wish to do so. I care not for your health.”
Eris sneered and picked up her sword and retreated to the far side of the field to fence with the wooden stakes. Seeing this, Vesta quickly retreated, not wanting to be see when Flora and her father passed by her hiding place. Several new movements were added today, and she wanted to practice them. The confrontation between twin sisters forgotten, deemed as unimportant.
For as long as she could remember, Vesta was treated much like the hired help-sent on errands to collect food, find herbs, prepare meals, and such. Few wanted her doing much else with anything that could come in contact with them. She wasn't treated like a princess like her sister's were, even though she didn't know what the cause for such actions was. She was evil they said.
What made her that way?
One day late in summer, her thoughts and movements were cut short as the back of a man's hand came in contact with her face, sending her back into the dirt and grass before she quickly fell back into steep, like she had seen her sisters do.
That was the wrong thing to do.
Standing in front of her was one of the training soldiers that was assigned to teach the three pure daughters self defense. The same self defense he had caught her practicing when she had be forbidden from doing so.
“What was that, dark child? You dare steal the knowledge of your sister's. Do you covet and lust their power at the young age already?” he asked, sneering at the blue eyed girl who was holding her throbbing cheek.
“I was just playing,” she bit back, not wanting to get hit again.
“Don't lie and add to your sin. You were stealing from your sisters, I saw you. I should know, being the one who first taught those moves to those girls.”
Vesta looked away, taking a steep back, not liking how she was being treated. The man, seeing her look away from him, slapped her across the face once more, causing her to cry out in pain. Something in her chest fell and burned in anger and agony. Vesta hated physical pain like this.
"Pay attention when someone addresses you, shameless child. How dare you steal from your sisters and disrespect me. Are you listening, girl?"
Vesta looked down and frowned, holding her swelling cheeks with both hands. She mumbled something under her breath, not bothering to look up and speak clearly. There was blood trailing down her nose now.
"What was that?"
She mumbled again, too low to be heard.
Vesta looked up, glaring from underneath her dark, curled lashes. Her swirling blue eyes were hard and cold, staring back with age that went well beyond five years.“I said no.”
Something in her voice and her eyes shook the solider causing him to take half a steep back in surprise. He had been told in passing gossip that the connection with her spirit monster was especially strong for one so young and untrained. Even stronger than Flora's. But to see it manifest it's self in person and prove the rumors true was a something else.
Fear was the only thing he acted on as he pulled back and made a move to hit her across the neck. Her reflex stopped him and his arm, scratching it just barely.
It wasn't much, but it was an act of aggression, and that was all it took to convince most everyone that she was a danger that needed to be dealt with.


End part 001
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