Black Widow example2 Picture

so, this is an example of the Black Widow series which is coming up next week. we had a massive shoot yesterday and there is going to be a Black Widow series, a Fortuna series, a Wood Elf series and several greek mythological packs (Demeter, Hestia, Aphrodite and Medea)
I still have to get used to the new camera and it's still not crystal clear, but I'd say it's better than before (and bigger
oh, this pic was inspired by ~Cobweb-stock - when we did the pics with the knife I had to think of one of his images and made her pose alike

this is just an example of the Black Widow series - you can find the packs here:
BW at the grave pack
BW mourning pack
BW praying pack
BW’s decision pack
BW’s knife pack
BW’s poison pack
BW stabbing pack
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