Quietus Designs : Goddess on Fire V2 Picture

In Ancient Greek Mythology the Virgin Goddess Hestia's symbol was the hearth and its fire, the latter being focal poibt of this design. But okay, I am the first to admit that I was also inspired by Girl On Fire Scene from the Hunger Games both the book and movie the scene awesome both awesome, although for different reasons. Now version two or as I like to call it the Moltres version, is far more brighter them more like flames in cartoons or anime. Still I adore the design, also make sure you check out the alternate version

Art © =mitsuki0tennyo
Design © =mitsuki0tennyo
Quietus aka plot © AngeLhearteD aka *Butterfly-Chu
Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shōnen Jump, etc

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