6x6 Carrow Twins Picture

That set the twins to giggling and Hazel realized they were true blanks to her; they weren't first years and so she hadn't examined them during the Opening Feast, too busy trying to get a handle on her own peers. "Hmm. I don't even know your names, since you weren't sorted tonight." Suddenly, Hazel had an idea for a bit of fun. "Well, I don't know them yet. But I have a special power that tells me the name of anyone I meet."

The twin on the left just snorted at that. "Yeah, and its name is Professor Snape. He probably…"

"…told you about us on the way to the headmaster's office after watching us say we were on your side. For some reason…"

"…he really doesn't like us. Could be because our father, aunt, and uncle were all Death Eaters with him and we know some dirty secrets about him…"

"…or it could be because we're horrible at animate-to-inanimate transfiguration and McGonagall always docks lots of points when our animals explode. But that's not our fault."


"And we certainly don't know why the nearby Gryffindors' animals explode when she isn't looking."

"Certainly not."

Gahh. Hazel turned her head back and forth to follow the conversation, feeling like a spectator at Wimbledon. This was like dealing with the quintuplets but infinitely worse; at least the quints finished their thoughts or spoke over each other, rather than trading sentences back and forth like a volleyed tennis ball. "Fascinating. And more than a little creepy. The animal thing, I mean. But no. Professor Snape didn't say anything to me about you two."

Leaning in, the right-hand twin studied her. "Hmm. Did you see us out with our mother at Diagon Alley?" Hazel shook her head. "Okay, now I'm curious. Sister dearest, sickle please." Rolling her eyes, her twin complied and handed the girl a shiny silver coin that she in turn offered up to Hazel. "What's my name, then?"

Hazel closed her eyes; her powers were still uncontrolled enough that she couldn't always keep her eyes from glowing blue when she used them and she didn't want to give herself away quite yet. Reaching out, she let a tendril of thought drift across the girl's mind. "Hestia Carrow. You're slightly younger than your twin Flora. She's the responsible one, which is why your mother gave her all the money for both of you this term." Smirking at the dumbfounded look on Hestia's face, she took the sickle and gave it to Vi. "I believe this is mine."

"How did you do that?" Flora stared at Hazel with wide eyes. "The only way our own mother can keep track of us is by making us wear different colored hair accessories." The girls turned their heads in perfect synchronicity; Flora had a thick green ribbon holding her black hair back in a ponytail, while Hestia's was silver. "You're a total stranger. Seriously, how?"

That was the question, wasn't it? Finally, after considering and rejecting several possible explanations, Hazel just shrugged. "Magic."

Neither Flora nor Hestia appeared to accept that but after exchanging glances, opted to move on with the conversation anyways. "You're right, though. I'm Flora Carrow and she's Hestia. Violette, Daphne, Tracey, since you probably don't have Hazel's unnatural name-finding power… remember the hair. Green for me, silver for her. Our family has a fondness for Greco-Roman mythology, just like the Blacks prefer astronomy names."

"Our father's name is Ancaeus Carrow; he, our Uncle Amycus, and our Aunt Alecto were all Death Eaters in the war. The Carrows aren't a rich family and so when the dust settled, they ended up in Azkaban together and left our mother to raise us."

"Not that we're too broken up about it. We've visited them a few times and our father is definitely no prize."

"Mmm. Anyways, we live down in Penzance along the Channel; after the Spanish sacked the town in 1595, a few pureblood families got together and set up a Fidelius over a nice stretch of prime coastline. Figured if the muggles couldn't take care of it, they shouldn't be allowed to."

"Over the years, family heads died without passing on their secret and so now there's three families between eight houses. I think the one we just took over used to belong to a branch of Professor Black's family, actually."

"Maybe we can trade him some of the heirlooms we found for passes to the Restricted Section…"

"…or maybe he'll take up detentions we get and not supervise very well? Could be worth a try."

Straight from my brother's fic (and disturbing mind), it's everyone's favorite pair of psychopathic, animal-exploding, incestuous lesbian twins!

Yeah, I told mom she should have used that coathanger, but what do I know?

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