Around the Hearth Picture

Hestia and Dionysus chilling (warming?) around the hearth.

'cause you know, Dionysus is the sort of guy who after being granted a throne on Olympus wouldn't be too pompous about it. In fact, he'd drag his chair away from the others and closer to the hearth to spend some time with the person who gave it to him. c:

I see them as being very good friends, even if Hestia didn't give him her chair because she was necessarily fond of him but rather so everyone else would shut up and she could sit by the fire. XD;

Dionysus, I think, might also be one of the only gods who would respect her as a virgin goddess and just want to hang out platonically.

I'm trying out a new colouring/line art style, so hopefully it worked out a bit. I still have trouble drawing fire though. :I;;
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