Leto Latona - Color Picture

Because ~Adollfa requested it and my half days are so boring, here's the colored version of the sketch of Leto Latona. --> [link]

btw, i'm not good with color matching... xDD gawd... There's a reason why my clothes are very plain(black shirts, blue jeans, black tennis shoes, that's about my entire wardrobe), so... yeah... xDD

I focused more on her hair than anything because her hair has more to do with stuff... xD Her element is fire, so her hair ended up resembling fire(when they redid her looks before they sent her back to earth, they didn't mean for it to turn out like that, it just did), and she's all, "COOL!" and Hermes is like, "Your inner pyro is showing." xDD So, yeah... 8D I suck at coloring fire but that's a minor detail, yah?

Leto Latona and all things pertaining to her and all things mentioned here (c) me

(ps, yes, Hermes is one of the characters in my story... xD He's a messenger that Leto just calls Hermes. He's over 85, but he died when he was 18 or so...)
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