Hephaestus Picture

The next piece in my Twelve Olympians series: Hephaestus. He is the God of fire, metalworking, masonry and sculpture. Hephaestus was also considered to be the ugliest of the gods, as his feet were lame. To the Greeks, this was one of the most undesirable things that a person could be. Hephaestus' forge was a match for no ones and some even said that Hera was both his Father and Mother (just like Zeus was to Athena.) His symbols were the hammer, anvil, tongs and the quail.

I was very excited to draw Hephaestus because of the lack of love shown for him. Hell, even I didn't like him much until recently. He is a very gentle, but present, energy. Hephaestus is incredibly patient and would rather one do it right the first time, instead of going back and fixing the mistakes made. I actually tried drawing Hermes after I finished Aphrodite (my last piece) but nothing was coming through. After some thought, it made too much sense that Hephaestus wouldn't let anyone, but him, be drawn after his wife.
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