Tricksters: Thanosloki Picture

The fifth and final god from my fantasy story in progress, Tricksters. Thanosloki was the fifth, youngest, and all in all cleverest spirit. Motivated by an envious desire for life of his own, Thanosloki tricked Biophile, the Goddess of Life, into letting him introduce killing to the first lifeforms. In doing so he created death, and thus became the God of Death. However, he also gave the dead lifeforms spirits of their own, creating ghosts as well. Because of Thanosloki's trickery, all life gets to live on as immortal spirits much like the gods themselves (in this fictional story I'm writing). While a liar and, well, a trickster, Thanosloki has a good heart and genuinely tries to protect all of creation, particularly life.

Thanosloki is my take on the whole God of Death/Grim Reaper concept. Anyone who saw Cecil's Journey should know I fucking love animate skeletons, so I couldn't resist throwing one into my fantasy story in progress. He's got a little Jack Skellington in him. I threw in a lot of elements that had gone into early, unused designs for Straitjacket (before he got the straitjacket that gave him his name). This mainly turned into a mix of clown, showman, and marching band captain clothes. I also tried to give him a distinctly Halloween-y color scheme, 'cause fuck do I love halloween.

His name is a combination of Thanos, one of the Greek Gods of death (the others being Hades and Hermes), and Loki, the trickster god of fire from Norse mythology who was eventually turned into a Satan expy when Christians began fucking with the Norse mythos.
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